Published: 11 May 2020
Updated: 18 Aug 2021
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Spotlight on Central #1 – A Business Address for Excellence

Spotlight on Central #1 – A Business Address for Excellence

Central Hong Kong has emerged as the area of choice for those wishing to work amidst the main financial institutions and power brokers of the region.

Finding office space in Central Hong Kong can be a challenge; but the rewards are more than mere convenience.

In an accelerated age of business, where minutes can make or break a deal, location can be a determining factor in a business’ long-term success. Within this prime area, some high-quality, flexible workspace can still be found.

While Hong Kong itself is known as both a regional and global financial centre, the Central district has the distinction of being the nexus of that projection of regional strength. Companies located in the district tend to automatically be associated with prosperity as well as resilience and stability.

In modern markets, where competition is fierce and companies seek any edge they can, having an address in Central Hong Kong can make the difference between closing and losing a deal. This makes situating your company in Central Hong Kong less of a luxury and more of a necessary business expense.

Thankfully, prime real estate is still available. There are top-quality flexible office spaces in prestigious buildings here that regional powerbrokers call home. Some, quite surprisingly, can be found at competitive rates, making the move to the district a realistic option for a company looking to distinguish itself and grow. 

Finding a Grade A Commercial Building in Central Hong Kong

Finding premium office space in the area can prove difficult but not if you know where to look. Sitting right in the heart of the Central financial district is the Cheung Kong Center. With panoramic views of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong, it comes as no surprise the address is shared among names like Bloomberg, Barclays Capital, and Goldman Sachs.

Also serving the area is the Man Yee Building that is all about convenience. It has quick access to the Central Elevated Walkway as well as the Hong Kong and Central MTR stations. There’s also a luxury arcade for shopping. Beyond its location, the building itself is well-known for its architectural design; featuring warm wood tones and high-ceilinged office spaces.

Any discussion of the area would be incomplete without mention of the Central Building. Not only is it also connected to the Central Elevated Walkway system, it sits directly atop the Central MTR station. Central Building is well known for its support staff both for general office support and the delivery of technologies so vital to modern business, making it more than just a popular business address in Central Hong Kong.

The Importance of Central Hong Kong

Central is the business district of Hong Kong. It is where multinational financial institutions choose to set its roots, overseeing vast amounts of business throughout the greater Asian region. Working in this district provides businesses with an unparalleled edge, affording them quick access to regional and international powerhouses as well as the gateway to the world.

Perhaps as important as having easy access to the larger companies in the region, is simply having an address in the same district those companies call home. With so much business taking place in the district, there is a level of prestige associated with simply calling the district your business’ home as well.

While an address alone cannot determine the fate of a company, in the current recession we’re likely facing, any competitive edge counts. While quarantines around the globe continue to squeeze businesses and financial markets alike, there is a level of inherent confidence that a Central Hong Kong address presents to both consumers and investors alike.



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